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Billy Dean

Billy Dean received a basketball scholarship to attend East Central Junior College in Decatur, MS, where he majored in physical education, but instead of wearing a whistle around his neck, he opted for a guitar strap. Inspired by Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, and Dean Martin, he played the club circuit along the Gulf Coast in Florida and used national talent contests as a vehicle for his music. He made the finals of the Wrangler Country Star Search in 1982, then won as a Male Vocalist champ on Ed McMahon's Star Search program in 1988. Even before the release of his debut album, Young Man, he'd already gone on tour as an opening act for Mel Tillis, Gary Morris, and Ronnie Milsap. In the midst of recording, Dean also dabbled in television. He contributed to commercials for Valvoline, McDonald's, and Chevrolet, and had an acting role in the brief Elvis series on ABC-TV in 1990. He landed bit parts on soap operas and dramas, and even hosted the 1994 season of ABC in Concert Country. Dean followed up his debut with a self-titled 1991 effort for EMI; Fire in the Dark appeared two years later. A 1994 greatest-hits package included the song "Once in a While," written for the soundtrack to the Luke Perry rodeo vehicle 8 Seconds. A greatest-hits collection so early in an artist's career might seem strange, but considering that Dean had already charted seven singles, the release was easy money for Capitol. However, Dean's reign at the top of the charts was short-lived. Despite frequent releases throughout the rest of the 1990s, Dean wasn't able to crack the charts again. After three studio records and a live, fan-club-only disc, Dean issued Love Songs through Capitol in 2000. The collection of previously released material was followed by another, similar collection for Capitol/EMI in 2002. Dean continued to tour through 2003. ~ Johnny Loftus
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Billy Dean

Top Songs by
Billy Dean

  1.   Song
  2.   Billy the Kid
  3.   Only Here for a Little While
  4.   We Just Disagree
  5.   If There Hadn't Been You
  6.   Away in a Manager
  7.   What Child Is This
  8.   The First Noel
  9.   Silent Night by Dolly Parton
  10.   O Holy Night
  11.   Let Them Be Little
  12.   Mary, Did You Know?
  13.   Little Drummer Boy
  14.   Somewhere in My Broken Heart
  15.   Crazy Beautiful
  16.   Billy the Kid
  17.   Only the Wind
  18.   Simple Things
  19.   That's What I Like About Love
  20.   When a Woman Cries
  21.   Somewhere in My Broken Heart
  22.   Saturday Night
  23.   When Our Backs Are Against the Wall
  24.   Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  25.   Leavin' Line
  26.   I Wouldn't Be a Man
  27.   By My Song
  28.   Brotherly Love
  29.   Big Sister
  30.   Gone But Not Forgotten
  31.   Daddy's Will
  32.   That Girl's Been Spyin' on Me
  33.   Tryin' to Hide a Fire in the Dark
  34.   Middle of Nowhere
  35.   You Don't Count the Cost
  36.   Steamroller
  37.   Starting over Again
  38.   Slow Motion
  39.   Real Man
  40.   Play Something We Can Dance To
  41.   It's What I Do
  42.   Innocent Bystander
  43.   I Will Be Here
  44.   I Shoulda Listened
  45.   Hammer Down
  46.   I'm Not Needed Here Now
  47.   I Won't Let You Walk Away
  48.   Small Favors
  49.   Once in a While
  50.   Give Me All the Pieces
  51.   Down to Your Last One More
  52.   Drivin' My Life Away
  53.   Laura Nadine
  54.   Made for You and I
  55.   I Don't Need as Much Hell
  56.   Young Man
  57.   Wish You Were Here
  58.   Voices Singing
  59.   Two of the Lucky Ones
  60.   Tryin' to Hide a Fire in the Dark
  61.   This Is the Life
  62.   Tear the Wall Down
  63.   Swinging for the Fence
  64.   Shine On
  65.   She's Taken
  66.   Pay Attention
  67.   Only a Woman Knows
  68.   Men Will Be Boys
  69.   Love and Bide
  70.   Indian Head Penny
  71.   If I Could Find the Heart (To Love Again)
  72.   I'm a Fool Too
  73.   I'm Not Built That Way
  74.   I Wanna Take Care of You
  75.   Race You to the Bottom
  76.   Yesterday
  77.   A Seed
  78.   Dear John
  79.   I'm Not Built That Way
  80.   Imagine What I'd Do
  81.   The Christ (A Song for Joseph)
  82.   Misery and Gin
  83.   Lowdown Lonely
  84.   Eyes
  85.   Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time
  86.   Cowboy Band
  87.   In the Name of Love
  88.   I Can't Leave
  89.   What Have You Got Against Love
  90.   I Can't Find the Words to Say Goodbye
  91.   I'm in Love With You
  92.   Just for Me and You by Hannah Dean
  93.   The Mountain Moved
  94.   All the Difference in the World
  95.   A Fall in Tennessee
  96.   She Gets What She Wants
  97.   Intro: Daddy's Will