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Black Lips

Playing garage-flavored punk rock with a Southern accent, a messed-up and bluesy undertow, and the gleefully destructive impact of a 15-year-old with a bag of firecrackers, the Black Lips are an Atlanta-based combo who, after their debut in 2000, soon developed a reputation as one of the Peach State's wildest bands. The Black Lips consisted of Cole Alexander on lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica, Ben Eberbaugh on lead guitar, Jared Swilley on bass, and Joe Bradley on drums, when they released their first single. After a second single and a handful of out of control live shows that led to them being banned from several Georgia venues, they caught the attention of Greg Shaw at Bomp! Records, who signed the band to a recording deal. The Black Lips cut their self-titled first album in mid-2002, but before it could be released, Ederbaugh was killed in a freak auto accident when a driver going the wrong way crashed into his car at a toll booth. The death occurred only a few days before the Black Lips were to set out on an East Coast and Midwest tour; believing Ederbaugh would have wanted them to continue, the band set out as a three-piece and made plans to add a new lead guitarist for a more extensive tour in 2003, scheduled to support the release of the album. Their second album for Bomp!, 2004's We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow, featured new guitarist Jack Hines. After the album's release, Hines left the band and was replaced by Ian St. Pé. The Black Lips jumped to In the Red for the 2005 effort Let It Bloom. The band then put out Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo -- their first release for Vice -- and Good Bad Not Evil, both in 2007. 200 Million Thousand followed in 2009, also on Vice. In early 2010, the band hit the studio with producer Mark Ronson and began work on their sixth album, Arabia Mountain, which was released in June of 2011. After failing to get first choice Phil Spector or second choice Ronson, the band enlisted the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Dap Kings member Tommy Brenneck to co-produce their slick, Southern rock-inspired seventh album. Underneath the Rainbow was released by Vice in spring of 2014. Following the release of the album, guitarist Ian St. Pé left the group, and Jack Hines rejoined the lineup on six-string. The Black Lips saw more personnel changes in 2017, as drummer Joe Bradley dropped out and Oakley Munson took over behind the kit; the group also added a sax player, Zumi Rosow. With its membership settled again, the band was ready to hit the road in support of the Satan's Graffiti or God's Art? album, released in May 2017 and produced by Sean Lennon. ~ Mark Deming
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Black Lips

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Black Lips

  1.   Song
  2.   Modern Art
  3.   Veni Vidi Vici
  4.   Cold Hands
  5.   Drugs
  6.   Bad Kids
  7.   Family Tree
  8.   Squatting in Heaven
  9.   Boys in the Wood
  10.   Can't Hold On
  11.   Spidey's Curse
  12.   Rebel Intuition
  13.   It Won't Be Long
  14.   Occidental Front
  15.   Take My Heart
  16.   Don't Mess Up My Baby
  17.   Short Fuse
  18.   I'll Be with You
  19.   I Saw a Ghost (Lean)
  20.   Slime and Oxygen
  21.   Hippie Hippie Hoorah
  22.   Dog Years
  23.   Dandelion Dust
  24.   Justice After All
  25.   You Keep on Running
  26.   Time
  27.   Raw Meat
  28.   Mr. Driver
  29.   Mad Dog
  30.   Bone Marrow
  31.   Starting Over
  32.   Transcendental Light
  33.   Punk Slime
  34.   Workin'
  35.   Gentle Violence
  36.   Feeling Gay
  37.   Everybody's Doin' It
  38.   Dorner Party
  39.   New Direction
  40.   Arboles de La Barranca
  41.   Boone
  42.   Wayne
  43.   New Direction Ronson Dub Remix
  44.   Can't Dance
  45.   Body Combat
  46.   Elijah
  47.   Smiling
  48.   Juvenile
  49.   [Untitled]
  50.   Sea of Blasphemy
  51.   Finale: Sunday Mourning
  52.   In My Mind There's a Dream
  53.   Noc-a-Homa
  54.   Go Out and Get It
  55.   Drop I Hold
  56.   Dirty Hands
  57.   Fairy Stories
  58.   Not a Problem
  59.   Boomerang
  60.   Drive-By Buddy
  61.   Again & Again
  62.   Take Me Home
  63.   The Lie
  64.   Lock and Key
  65.   Navajo
  66.   She's Gone
  67.   Off the Block
  68.   Interlude: E'lektric Spider Webz
  69.   Overture: Sunday Mourning
  70.   Let It Grow
  71.   Gung Ho
  72.   How Do You Tell a Child That Someone Has Died
  73.   Loser's Lament
  74.   Empassant
  75.   I Saw God
  76.   Stranger
  77.   Big Black Baby Jesus of Today
  78.   Do the Vibrate
  79.   Waiting
  80.   Step Right Up
  81.   Make You Mine
  82.   Bicentennial Man
  83.   Dumpster Dive
  84.   Trapped in a Basement
  85.   O Katrina
  86.   Funny
  87.   Interlude: Bongos Baby
  88.   Interlude: Got Me Alone
  89.   I Don't Wanna Go Home
  90.   Lucid Nightmare
  91.   M.I.A.
  92.   It Feels Alright
  93.   We Know
  94.   Crystal Night
  95.   Buried Alive
  96.   Nightmare Field
  97.   The Last Cul de Sac
  98.   Old Man
  99.   Come Ride With Me