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Injecting a wider range of emotions into their music than most of their guitar-based British peers, Elbow have been known to refer to their grandiose orchestral sound as "prog without the solos." The members of the band -- vocalist Guy Garvey, drummer Richard Jupp, organist Craig Potter, guitarist Mark Potter, and bassist Pete Turner -- met during the early '90s while attending college in Bury. After moving several miles south to Manchester proper, the band went through a couple of developmental stages before attracting the interest of Island Records, which signed the group in 1998. Island was bought out by Universal several months later, though, and Elbow found themselves dropped from the label as a result. After a partnership with EMI also dissolved, the guys linked up with local independent label Uglyman and released two EPs, Newborn and Any Day Now. The acclaimed EPs gained the band a contract with V2, which released 2001's equally tipped Asleep in the Back. The record was short-listed as a nominee for 2001's Mercury Prize and was issued in the States in early 2002. Cast of Thousands, which appeared in 2004, proved to be a strong, critically acclaimed follow-up. Leaders of the Free World, inspired by political events and behavior in the media, was released in fall 2005, with The Seldom Seen Kid following in 2008. Although all three of Elbow's past albums had enjoyed significant popularity in the U.K., The Seldom Seen Kid was the band's first album to go multi-platinum, eventually selling over one million copies and winning the 2008 Mercury Prize. Writing sessions for a new album began in 2010, and Build a Rocket Boys! was released one year later, followed in 2012 by Dead in the Boot, a collection of B-sides and non-album cuts. That summer, not only did the group's ambitious, especially written track "First Steps" serve as the theme to the BBC's coverage of the London Olympics, but Elbow also played two songs at the closing ceremony of the games, which helped to further bolster sales of their back catalog. Recording sessions for a sixth studio album -- eventually titled The Take Off and Landing of Everything -- took place at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Wiltshire in late 2012 and were completed in their own Salford studio the following year. Following the January release of the single "New York Morning," the album appeared to strong reviews in March 2014 and became their first album to debut at the top of the U.K. charts; it also became their highest-charting album in the U.S., peaking at 83. Elbow released an EP called Lost Worker Bee in July 2015, after which the group took a brief hiatus. During this time off, Guy Garvey released a solo album entitled Courting the Squall in the autumn of 2015 and drummer Richard Jupp left the group in March of 2016. Elbow returned to action in February 2017 with Little Fictions, which was, like every album since The Seldom Seen Kid, produced by Craig Potter. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1.   Song
  2.   Grounds for Divorce
  3.   Lippy Kids
  4.   One Day Like This
  5.   Asleep in the Back
  6.   With Love
  7.   Neat Little Rows
  8.   The Bones of You
  9.   Not a Job
  10.   Jesus Is a Rochdale Girl
  11.   Fallen Angel
  12.   Mirrorball by Peter Gabriel
  13.   Any Day Now
  14.   Scattered Black and Whites
  15.   The Night Will Always Win
  16.   Forget Myself
  17.   Gentle Storm
  18.   The Birds
  19.   Weather to Fly
  20.   Whisper Grass
  21.   Starlings
  22.   An Audience With The Pope
  23.   The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
  24.   Running to Stand Still
  25.   Friend of Ours
  26.   Red
  27.   Grace Under Pressure
  28.   Newborn
  29.   Open Arms
  30.   Lucky With Disease
  31.   Trust the Sun
  32.   Buffalo Ghosts
  33.   The Fix
  34.   Fly Boy Blue/Lunette
  35.   Usually Bright
  36.   Lay Down Your Cross
  37.   Real Life (Angel)
  38.   Fugitive Motel
  39.   Hotel Istanbul
  40.   Some Riot
  41.   Great Expectations
  42.   Picky Bugger
  43.   Leaders of the Free World
  44.   Switching Off
  45.   Snowball
  46.   Little Fictions
  47.   Montparnasse
  48.   Gentle As
  49.   Mexican Standoff
  50.   Powder Blue
  51.   Charge
  52.   Ribcage
  53.   Bitten By The Tailfly
  54.   Coming Second
  55.   The Stops
  56.   Colour Fields
  57.   McGreggor
  58.   Little Beast
  59.   Kindling
  60.   K2
  61.   Firebrand & Angel
  62.   Roll Call
  63.   What Time Do You Call This?
  64.   The Blanket of Night
  65.   My Sad Captains
  66.   This Blue World
  67.   New York Morning
  68.   The River
  69.   High Ideals
  70.   None One
  71.   Puncture Repair
  72.   Station Approach
  73.   Love Blown Down
  74.   Flying Dream 143
  75.   Crawling With Idiot
  76.   Buttons and Zips
  77.   Snooks (Progress Report)
  78.   Don't Mix Your Drinks
  79.   Presuming Ed (Rest Easy)
  80.   The Everthere
  81.   And It Snowed
  82.   The Take Off and Landing of Everything
  83.   Head for Supplies
  84.   My Very Best
  85.   We're Away
  86.   All Disco
  87.   Magnificent (She Says)
  88.   Lullaby
  89.   The Long War Shuffle
  90.   Honey Sun
  91.   Can't Stop
  92.   Every Bit the Little Girl
  93.   Lost Worker Bee
  94.   I've Got Your Number
  95.   Dear Friends
  96.   An Imagined Affair
  97.   Waving From Windows

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