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The mellow, easy country-rock sounds of Firefall, coupled with the group's penchant for pop melodies and high-pitched harmonies, produced a series of successful LPs in the late '70s and a series of chart singles, including the Top Ten hit "You Are the Woman." The group was formed by former Flying Burrito Brother Rick Roberts, who handled vocals, guitar, and most of the songwriting duties; he was joined by fellow ex-Burrito and Byrd Michael Clarke on drums, ex-Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne bassist Mark Andes, guitarist/vocalist Jock Bartley, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Larry Burnett, and keyboardist/woodwind player David Muse, who joined in 1977. The group recorded its self-titled debut in 1976; it and its follow-up, Luna Sea, both went gold, and their third album, Elan, went platinum. However, the group's commercial fortunes began to decline, and even though Muse experimented with adding different instruments to the overall sound, Firefall's relaxed, toned-down approach simply wore out its welcome as pop trends moved elsewhere. Jock Bartley re-formed the group in 1994 for the album Messenger. Under the moniker Firefall Acoustic, Bartley and vocalist/guitarist Steven Weinmeister released Colorado to Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles in 2007. Bartley continued to tour under the Firefall name into the second decade of the 21st century with a lineup that included Steven Weinmeister (vocals, guitar), Sandy Ficca (drums), Bil Hopkins (vocals, bass) and Chris Ball (sax, flute and keyboards). ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   You Are the Woman
  3.   Just Remember I Love You
  4.   Strange Way
  5.   Cinderella
  6.   Dolphin's Lullaby
  7.   Sharpshootin' at the Senator
  8.   Wrong Side of Town
  9.   Headed for a Fall
  10.   Even Steven
  11.   Sold on You
  12.   Count Your Blessings
  13.   Anymore
  14.   Love That Got Away
  15.   It Doesn't Matter
  16.   Quite Like You
  17.   Secret
  18.   Just as You Are
  19.   You're Not Alone
  20.   When the River Rises
  21.   Colorado
  22.   Business Is Business
  23.   If You Only Knew
  24.   Stardust
  25.   Laugh or Cry
  26.   Get You Back
  27.   Only a Fool
  28.   Lips
  29.   Just What You Need
  30.   Undertow
  31.   Sweet and Sour
  32.   Goodbye, I Love You
  33.   Someday Soon
  34.   So Long
  35.   What Kind of Love
  36.   Lorelei
  37.   Every Little Word
  38.   Body and Soul
  39.   Break of Dawn
  40.   Mexico
  41.   No Way Out
  42.   Livin' Ain't Livin'
  43.   Don't Tell Me Why
  44.   Love Ain't What It Seems
  45.   Say You're Gonna Love Me
  46.   I Don't Want to Hear It
  47.   Sad Ol' Love Song
  48.   Here Comes the Sun
  49.   I'll Be Back
  50.   Come Together
  51.   You're Gonna Lose That Girl
  52.   Christmas in Love
  53.   Don't It Feel Empty
  54.   Dreamers
  55.   Clouds Across the Sun
  56.   No Class
  57.   Old Wing Mouth
  58.   Be in Love Tonight
  59.   Bring It Back
  60.   Love Find a Way
  61.   Only Time Will Tell
  62.   Winds of Change
  63.   Baby
  64.   Head on Home
  65.   Staying with It
  66.   Gold River
  67.   Forever More
  68.   Mirror of the World
  69.   Runaway Love
  70.   Take Me Back
  71.   It's Not Too Late
  72.   Always
  73.   Girl
  74.   Falling in Love
  75.   It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  76.   I Need You
  77.   Say It's Over
  78.   Some Things Never Change
  79.   Piece of Paper
  80.   Love Nobody
  81.   Suddenly
  82.   Fall for You
  83.   Norwegian Wood
  84.   Within You Without You
  85.   Do What You Want
  86.   I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
  87.   Eleanor Rigby
  88.   Tell the Children
  89.   Innocent Victim
  90.   Sweet Ann
  91.   Leave It Alone
  92.   Run Run Away
  93.   Ancient History
  94.   In the Dead of the Night
  95.   Very First Moment
  96.   No Means No
  97.   Who Ran Away
  98.   Love Isn't All
  99.   No Reply
  100.   Getaway