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Gino Vannelli

Ranging from soul to soft rock, singer and songwriter Gino Vannelli earned several hits during the 1970s, including "People Gotta Move" and "I Just Wanna Stop." Vannelli learned to play the drums early in life and studied music theory at McGill University. He formed an R&B band with two brothers, but later began recording solo material for RCA in 1970. He became popular four years later when A&M released his hit single "People Gotta Move," from the Powerful People album (retitled People Gotta Move). Many albums followed, including Storm at Sunup (1975), Gist of the Gemini (1976), A Pauper in Paradise (1977), Brother to Brother (1978), Nightwalker (1981), Black Cars (1985), Big Dreamers Never Sleep (1987), Inconsolable Man (1990), and Live in Montreal (1992). After a lengthy absence from the recording studio, Vannelli returned in 1995 with Yonder Tree; Slow Love followed three years later. After yet another lengthy absence from the studio, Gino recorded the ambitious Canto in 2003 and 2006's These Are the Days, which featured remastered recordings of some of his best-known work alongside seven new compositions. A Good Thing, featuring a CD and accompanying book of poetry, was issued in early 2009, followed by another CD-book package, Stardust in the Sand, later that same year. ~ John Bush
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Albums by
Gino Vannelli

Top Songs by
Gino Vannelli

  1.   Song
  2.   I Just Wanna Stop
  3.   Living Inside Myself
  4.   A Little Bit of Judas
  5.   People Gotta Move
  6.   Wild Horses
  7.   Where Am I Going
  8.   Black Cars
  9.   Prelude to the War
  10.   Wheels of Life
  11.   Powerful People
  12.   The Great Divide
  13.   Knight of the Road
  14.   Santa Rosa
  15.   Seek and You Will Find
  16.   Feel Like Flying
  17.   To the War (Reflection)
  18.   Una Rosa a Dicembre
  19.   Summers of My Life
  20.   Sally (She Says the Sweetest Things)
  21.   I Believe
  22.   Put the Weight on My Shoulders
  23.   Jehovah and All That Jazz
  24.   Black and Blue
  25.   A Song and Dance
  26.   The Surest Things Can Change
  27.   Fly Into This Night
  28.   Brother to Brother
  29.   Imagination
  30.   Hurts to Be in Love
  31.   It's Over
  32.   Here She Comes
  33.   Omens of Love
  34.   A 3rd Movement
  35.   After the Last Battle
  36.   The Other Man
  37.   The Last Day of Summer
  38.   Jehovah and All That Jazz
  39.   The Dutchbeat
  40.   Evermore
  41.   Don't Give Up to Me
  42.   A Good Thing
  43.   Eastwest World
  44.   These Are the Days
  45.   Venus Envy
  46.   Gettin' High
  47.   Joli Coeur
  48.   Canto
  49.   Parole Per Mio Padre
  50.   The Battle Cry
  51.   Ugly Man
  52.   Love of My Life
  53.   Stay With Me
  54.   Nightwalker
  55.   Moon over Madness
  56.   Come to the Well
  57.   None So Beautiful
  58.   Unbearably Blue
  59.   You Owe It to Yourself
  60.   Fallen in Love
  61.   Walter Whitman (Where Are You)
  62.   Jack Miraculous
  63.   A Pauper In Paradise: 2nd Movement
  64.   A Pauper In Paradise: 1st Movement
  65.   Valleys of Valhalla
  66.   Mardi Gras
  67.   If I Should Lose This Love
  68.   Crazy Life
  69.   Love & Emotion
  70.   The River Must Flow
  71.   Appaloosa
  72.   Love Is a Night
  73.   Keep on Walking
  74.   Father and Son
  75.   Mama Coco
  76.   Love Me Now