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If Boyz II Men were portrayed as a clean-cut, wholesome R&B vocal group, then Jodeci's wild, sexual, bad-boy image represented the other side of the coin. Made up of two sets of brothers, the group's name was a consolidation of its members' names: Joel "JoJo" Hailey, Donald "DeVante Swing" and Dalvin DeGrate, and Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey. Natives of Charlotte, North Carolina, all four members toured the South as young boys singing gospel music, and even recorded albums. Both families belonged to the Pentecostal church, and the DeGrate s' father was a minister. The boys were able to hear each other's gospel songs played on the radio, and were eventually introduced through girlfriends as teenagers. However, when they did meet, K-Ci was with a girl Dalvin had been dating, and a fight nearly broke out. The Hailey brothers and DeVante started hanging out together, partying, and talking about making R&B records together, coming up with the name Jodeci at this time. At age 16, DeVante ran away to Minneapolis to get a job in Prince's organization, but was refused. He returned to Charlotte, where he wrote a song and recorded JoJo singing it. The two planned on going to New York to shop the demo, but both K-Ci and Dalvin decided to tag along at the last minute. By the time they got to New York, they had demo recordings of 29 songs, which they brought to the offices of Uptown Entertainment. They were almost rejected, but rapper Heavy D overheard the tape and talked Uptown president Andre Harrell into hearing the group. Harrell was impressed, and just like that, Jodeci signed a recording contract. In May 1991, they released Forever My Lady, which featured the gold single "Come and Talk to Me" and went on to sell over three million copies. A minor feud resulted over the band's follow-up album, Diary of a Mad Band; Jodeci, unhappy with their treatment by Uptown, flirted with the idea of leaving for Dr. Dre's Death Row Records, which resulted in almost zero promotion for their new album. It didn't matter much, as Diary eventually went double platinum. The group's personal troubles got worse in 1993, when DeVante and K-Ci pleaded guilty to gun violations and sexual assault charges, but that wasn't all; shortly afterward, DeVante's house was robbed of over 160,000 dollars in jewelry and clothes as the singer was held with guns in his mouth and at the back of his head. Jodeci's third album, The Show, The After Party, The Hotel, was released in July 1995. As with the group's first two albums, it topped Billboard's R&B chart and went platinum. DeVante was afforded the opportunity to work with Al Green, one of his idols, and wrote and produced the song "Could This Be the Love." More significantly, his Swing Mob collective directly and indirectly fostered the rise of such acts and producers as Sista, Mad Skillz, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Playa, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, and Tweet. K-Ci and JoJo, who had contributed hits as a duo to the soundtracks of Jason's Lyric and Bulletproof, scored a trio of Top Ten R&B hits during the tail-end of the decade and the early 2000s. A solo album from Dalvin, Met.A.Mor.Phic, was released on Maverick in 2000 but didn't fare well commercially. During the remainder of the 2000s and the early 2010s, the members of Jodeci were relatively quiet. Over a decade separated K-Ci & JoJo's fourth and fifth albums, Emotional (2002) and My Brother's Keeper (2013), the latter of which followed a reality series for TV One. In January 2014, Timbaland revealed that he was working with Jodeci on material for the group's fourth album. When The Past, The Present, The Future was released on RCA in March 2015, it contained a pair of tracks co-produced by Timbaland and DeVante, while the latter also co-produced the remainder of the tracks with the likes of Bradd Young and Marquinarias "Sanchez" Holmes. ~ Steve Huey
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Albums by

Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Forever My Lady
  3.   Come & Talk to Me
  4.   Stay
  5.   What About Us
  6.   U & I
  7.   Cry for You
  8.   Ride & Slide
  9.   Lately
  10.   Freek'n You
  11.   Love U 4 Life
  12.   Feenin'
  13.   Get on Up
  14.   I'm Still Waiting
  15.   Alone
  16.   Every Moment
  17.   My Heart Belongs to U
  18.   X's We Share
  19.   Come & Talk to Me Remix
  20.   Fallin'
  21.   Time & Place
  22.   Pump It Back
  23.   Success
  24.   Body Parts
  25.   Too Hot by A.V.
  26.   Good Luv
  27.   Let's Do It All
  28.   Treat U
  29.   Play Thang
  30.   My Phone
  31.   You Got It
  32.   Checkin For You
  33.   Room 454: DeVante's "Intermission"
  34.   Zipper
  35.   Can We Flo?
  36.   The After-Party
  37.   Gotta Love
  38.   Won't Waste You
  39.   4 U
  40.   D.J. Don Jeremy
  41.   Room 499
  42.   Room 577
  43.   Fun 2 Nite
  44.   Bring on Da' Funk
  45.   Wild Side
  46.   553-Nasty (Interlude)
  47.   Jodecidal Hotline
  48.   Gimme All You Got
  49.   Cherish
  50.   Jennifer
  51.   Nobody Wins featuring B.O.B.
  52.   Those Things
  53.   Sho Out
  54.   Give It Up
  55.   P.I.B. 4 Play
  56.   S-More
  57.   Room 723
  58.   The Show
  59.   In the Meanwhile
  60.   Sweaty
  61.   It's Alright
  62.   Stress Reliever
  63.   Incredible

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