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An electro-rap duo from Los Angeles, CA, LMFAO made their major-label debut in 2008. Comprised of producers, DJs, and clothing designers Redfoo and Sky Blu (the son and grandson, respectively, of Motown impresario Berry Gordy), LMFAO worked the club circuit for years before making their major-label debut in 2008 with the single "I'm in Miami Bitch," a song inspired by their first experience at the Winter Music Conference. In the wake of the single's release on Interscope and its hitting the charts in several countries, LMFAO toured the American club circuit and prepared their full-length album debut, Party Rock, which was released in July 2009. "La La La" and "Shots" (featuring Lil Jon) also charted, and LMFAO placed songs on Jersey Shore and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. In 2010, the duo featured on a worldwide Top Ten hit, David Guetta's "Gettin' Over You." Their next single as LMFAO was the suitably anthemic "Party Rock Anthem," which topped the charts in more than ten countries during 2011, including the U.S. The follow-up full-length, Sorry for Party Rocking, was released in June 2011. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1.   Song
  2.   Party Rock Anthem
  3.   Sexy and I Know It
  4.   Shots by Lil Jon
  5.   Sorry for Party Rocking
  6.   I'm in Miami B****
  7.   Reminds Me of You by Calvin Harris
  8.   I'm in Miami Bitch
  9.   La La La
  10.   Yes
  11.   Sine Language by Crystal Method
  12.   I'm in Miami Trick
  13.   I Am Not a Whore
  14.   I'm in Miami B**** by Pitbull
  15.   I'm in Philly Trick
  16.   I'm in Richmond Trick
  17.   Hot Dog
  18.   Bounce
  19.   We Came Here to Party by Goonrock
  20.   Rock the Beat
  21.   Take It to the Hole by Busta Rhymes
  22.   All Night Long
  23.   Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch by Chuckie
  24.   I'm in Sac Town Trick
  25.   I'm in Lafayette Trick
  26.   Get Crazy
  27.   With You
  28.   Rock the Beat II
  29.   One Day
  30.   Champagne Showers
  31.   Best Night featuring Eva Simons
  32.   I'm in the Valley B****
  33.   I'm in the Burgh Trick
  34.   I'm in the Bay B****
  35.   I'm in South Coast Trick
  36.   I'm in Palm Beach Trick
  37.   I'm in New York Trick
  38.   I'm in New Jersey Trick
  39.   I'm in Las Vegas B****
  40.   I'm in LA Trick
  41.   I'm in H-Town Trick
  42.   I'm in Grand Rapids Trick
  43.   I'm in Charleston Trick
  44.   I'm in Austin Trick
  45.   I Don't Wanna Be
  46.   I Shake, I Move
  47.   Leaving U 4 the Groove
  48.   Lil' Hipster Girl
  49.   Scream My Name
  50.   What Happens at the Party
  51.   I'm in Portland Trick
  52.   I'm in West Palm Trick
  53.   I'm in Boise Trick
  54.   Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch
  55.   Put That A$$ to Work
  56.   I'm in the A Trick
  57.   I'm in the Rapids Trick
  58.   I'm in the Desert Trick
  59.   I'm in the Cities Trick
  60.   I'm in Rochester Trick
  61.   I'm in Reno Trick
  62.   I'm in New Orleans Trick
  63.   I'm in Hartford Trick
  64.   I'm in Harrisburgh Trick
  65.   I'm in Fort Worth Trick
  66.   I'm in El Paso Trick
  67.   I'm in Dallas Trick
  68.   I'm in Corpus Trick
  69.   I'm in Cleveland Trick
  70.   I'm in Boston Trick
  71.   I'm in the Duke Trick
  72.   I'm in Seattle Trick
  73.   I'm in O.K.C. Trick
  74.   I'm in New Rich Trick
  75.   I'm in Milwaukee Trick
  76.   I'm in Houston Trick
  77.   I'm in Diego B**** by Pitbull
  78.   I'm in Detroit Trick
  79.   I'm in Chattanooga Trick
  80.   I Am Not a W****
  81.   I'm in DC Trick
  82.   I'm In Ft Wayne Trick
  83.   I'm in LA B****
  84.   I'm in New Bedford Trick

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