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Real Estate

New Jersey's Real Estate stake their claim to a warm, hazy style of indie rock with breezy melodies. The band was formed in Ridgewood by lead singer/guitarist Martin Courtney (Predator Vision and formerly Titus Andronicus), guitarist Matthew Mondanile (Ducktails), bassist Alex Bleeker (Alex Bleeker & the Freaks), and drummer Etienne Duguay (Predator Vision). The foursome had played together in bands -- including a Weezer cover band -- during high school, but didn't become Real Estate until Courtney returned to the Garden State after attending college in Olympia, Washington. After forming in summer 2008, the band began playing live that fall and released the Suburban Beverage 7", which introduced Real Estate's brand of surfy, lo-fi pop, early in 2009. A song on the Underwater Peoples Records Showcase and the Fake Blues EP appeared that summer. The band spent the fall touring with Girls before its self-titled debut was released by Woodsist. The quartet joined the Domino Records roster in 2011 for its sophomore album, Days, which hit the shelves that fall as well as several Billboard charts, including the rock, alternative, independent, and vinyl albums charts. It reached number 52 on the Billboard 200. Shortly following its release, the band went through a lineup change with Duguay dropping out; he was replaced by drummer Jackson Pollis. The group was also joined at that point by auxiliary member Jonah Maurer on keyboards and additional guitars. This new assemblage of Real Estate toured feverishly for the well-received Days, though by their return in 2014 with third album Atlas, Maurer had been replaced by Matt Kallman. That LP went on to rank higher on all the same charts, landing in the Billboard 200's Top 40. Following a short break for other projects, including Courtney's solo debut, in May of 2016 Real Estate announced that Mondanile was leaving the band to focus on Ducktails. He was replaced by Julian Lynch, and the quintet of Courtney, Bleeker, Pollis, Kallman, and Lynch released In Mind in March 2017. ~ Heather Phares & Marcy Donelson
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Real Estate

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Albums by
Real Estate

Top Songs by
Real Estate

  1.   Song
  2.   It's Real
  3.   Green Aisles
  4.   Beach Comber
  5.   Fake Blues
  6.   Talking Backwards
  7.   Stained Glass
  8.   Darling
  9.   Municipality
  10.   Three Blocks
  11.   Crime
  12.   Easy
  13.   The Bend
  14.   Black Lake
  15.   Holding Pattern
  16.   Younger Than Yesterday
  17.   Navigator
  18.   Pool Swimmers
  19.   Same Sun
  20.   Lets Rock the Beach
  21.   Paper Dolls
  22.   How Might I Live
  23.   Primitive
  24.   April's Song
  25.   Had to Hear
  26.   Wonder Years
  27.   All the Same
  28.   Out of Tune
  29.   Drum
  30.   Motorbikes
  31.   Orchard
  32.   Saturday Morning
  33.   Suburban Beverage
  34.   After the Moon
  35.   Beneath the Dunes
  36.   Past Lives
  37.   Green River
  38.   Dumb Luck
  39.   Here Comes Sunshine
  40.   Suburban Dogs
  41.   White Light
  42.   Diamond Eyes
  43.   Reservoir #3
  44.   Saturday
  45.   Time
  46.   Blue Lebaron
  47.   Part 2 by Alex Bleeker & the Freaks
  48.   Serve the Song
  49.   Basement
  50.   Snow Days
  51.   Two Arrows
  52.   Kinder Blumen
  53.   Horizon
  54.   Atlantic City
  55.   Exactly Nothing

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