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During the 2010s, Russ Vitale -- a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer -- emerged from the Atlanta-area underground with dozens of independent singles and albums, all of which were made freely available as downloads. Inspired by 50 Cent and Eminem, as well as the classic rock he absorbed as a youngster, the New Jersey-born Vitale gradually learned to play several instruments, including guitar, which was taught to him by his father. After a short period of enrollment at Kennesaw State, Vitale established Diemon, a collective and label. His prolific output switched between swaggering modern hip-hop anthems and woozy R&B-oriented ballads, with relaxed melodic hooks the common element in both modes. He gradually gained a significant following through word of mouth and exposure from alternative weeklies and major rap publications. In 2015 and 2016, his career really picked up with cuts like "Losin Control," "What They Want," and "Pull the Trigger," which were among his most popular recordings to that point. Russ signed to Columbia Records in 2017, and released his major-label debut, There's Really a Wolf. The album featured the aforementioned singles and consolidated many of the ideas that Russ had developed in the 11 years prior. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1.   Song
  2.   What They Want
  3.   Losin Control
  4.   Do It Myself
  5.   10 Year Freestyle
  6.   Cherry Hill
  7.   Me You
  8.   Pull the Trigger
  9.   Goodbye
  10.   Scared
  11.   Ride Slow
  12.   Psycho, Pt. 2
  13.   Got This
  14.   We Should All Burn Together
  15.   Don't Lie
  16.   The Otherside
  17.   Back to You
  18.   Try It
  19.   I'm Here
  20.   Psycho
  21.   Willy Wonka
  22.   Act Now
  23.   One More Shot
  24.   The Stakeout
  25.   Family & Friends
  26.   Here I Am
  27.   MVP
  28.   No Turning Back
  29.   Tell Me
  30.   I Wanna Go Down With You
  31.   The Journey
  32.   Lost
  33.   T'd Up
  34.   Inbetween
  35.   23
  36.   Moonlight in Atlanta
  37.   Walk Thru It
  38.   That Feeling
  39.   Problem Child
  40.   Devil In Her Heart
  41.   Emergency
  42.   Too Many
  43.   Straight from Saudi
  44.   Brush Me by Collie Buddz
  45.   Connected
  46.   Forbes List
  47.   Checked

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