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Soft Cell

Art students Marc Almond and Dave Ball formed Soft Cell, a synth pop duo famed for its uniquely sleazy electronic sound, in Leeds, England in 1980. Originally, vocalist Almond and synth player Ball teamed to compose music for theatrical productions, and as Soft Cell, their live performances continued to draw heavily on the pair's background in drama and the visual arts. A self-financed EP titled Mutant Moments brought the duo to the attention of Some Bizzare label head Stevo, who enlisted Daniel Miller to produce their underground hit single "Memorabilia" the following year. It was the next Soft Cell effort, 1981's "Tainted Love," that brought the duo to international prominence; written by the Four Preps' Ed Cobb and already a cult favorite thanks to Gloria Jones' soulful reading, the song was reinvented as a hypnotic electronic dirge and became the year's best-selling British single, as well as a major hit abroad. The group's debut LP, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, was also enormously successful, and was followed by the 1982 remix collection Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing. While 1983's The Art of Falling Apart proved as popular as its predecessors, the LP's title broadly hinted at the internal problems plaguing the duo; prior to the release of 1984's This Last Night in Sodom, Soft Cell had already broken up. Almond immediately formed the electro-soul unit Marc & the Mambas; another group, Marc Almond & the Willing Sinners, followed before the singer finally embarked on a solo career in the late '80s that continued well into the 21st century. Ball worked with Psychic TV, Jack the Tab, and other groups before forming the electronic outfit the Grid in the '90s and Nitewreckage in 2011. Soft Cell briefly reunited in 2001. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Soft Cell

  1.   Song
  2.   Tainted Love
  3.   Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go
  4.   Sex Dwarf
  5.   Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  6.   Where Did Our Love Go?
  7.   Tainted Love
  8.   Secret Life
  9.   It's a Mugs Game
  10.   Where the Heart Is
  11.   Martin
  12.   Where Was Your Heart (When You Needed It Most)
  13.   Meet Murder My Angel
  14.   I Feel Love
  15.   Bedsitter
  16.   Memorabilia '91
  17.   Insecure Me
  18.   You Only Live Twice
  19.   Memorabilia
  20.   Bad to Me by Marc Almond
  21.   Burn Bright
  22.   Variety
  23.   Tragedy (Take a Look and See) by Marc Almond
  24.   The Desperate Hours by Marc Almond
  25.   Ruby Red
  26.   Melancholy Rose
  27.   Black Heart
  28.   A Kind of Love by Marc Almond
  29.   Scar
  30.   Adored and Explored featuring Buster Poindexter
  31.   What Makes a Man by Marc Almond
  32.   The Days of Pearly Spencer by Marc Almond
  33.   Stories of Johnny by Marc Almond
  34.   A Lover Spurned
  35.   On an Up
  36.   Caligula Syndrome
  37.   Sensation Nation
  38.   All Out of Love
  39.   Desperate
  40.   Together Alone
  41.   Last Chance
  42.   The Night
  43.   Le Grand Guignol
  44.   Monoculture
  45.   Darker Times
  46.   Divided Soul
  47.   Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
  48.   The Art of Falling Apart
  49.   Heat
  50.   Forever the Same
  51.   Surrender to a Stranger
  52.   The Best Way to Kill
  53.   Little Rough Rhinestone
  54.   Mr. Self Destruct
  55.   A Man Could Get Lost
  56.   Chips on My Shoulder
  57.   Youth
  58.   Frustration
  59.   So
  60.   Facility Girls
  61.   Tainted Dub
  62.   Persuasion
  63.   Born to Lose