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Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd's brand of new traditionalist country made him a star in the '90s, particularly his playful, good-time party singalongs (though he also turned in the occasional ballad success). Byrd was born in the small rural town of Vidor, Texas, in 1966 and grew up listening to his family's extensive country record collection. When Byrd was 20 years old, he visited a novelty recording studio in a shopping mall and sang over a karaoke-style backing track of "Your Cheatin' Heart." Impressed, the saleswoman invited him to perform in an amateur talent show, and when Byrd was well received, he decided to make country music his vocation. He dropped out of college and joined Mark Chesnutt's band, eventually replacing Chesnutt as the house headliner at a popular nightspot in Beaumont, Texas. He made one unsuccessful trip to Nashville in search of a record deal, but his second time around, he landed a private audition with MCA executives, who signed him right away. Byrd's self-titled debut album was released in 1993, and while it wasn't a blockbuster, it put the singer on the map in a big way with its third single, the number one smash "Holdin' Heaven." The follow-up album, 1994's No Ordinary Man, was Byrd's commercial breakthrough; it sold over two million copies thanks to four Top Five hits: the dance tunes "Watermelon Crawl," "Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous," and "The First Step," and the change-of-pace ballad "The Keeper of the Stars," which became a wedding favorite among country fans. Byrd followed his big success quickly with 1995's Love Lessons, and while singles like "Walking to Jerusalem" and "4 to 1 in Atlanta" didn't duplicate the massive popularity of their predecessors, they still helped the album sell at a respectable gold level. 1996's Big Love returned Byrd to the Top Five of the singles charts with the title track and "(Don't Take Her) She's All I Got," and the title track of 1998's I'm from the Country reached similar territory. Byrd subsequently decided to leave MCA for RCA, and made his label debut with 1999's It's About Time, which featured a smoother, poppier production on tracks like the near-Top Ten "Put Your Hand in Mine" (the record's biggest single). However, Byrd returned to straight-ahead, good-time country for the follow-up, 2001's Ten Rounds; fans rewarded him by sending the single "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo" to the top of the charts, giving Byrd his second number one. The album also featured the Top Ten hit "Just Let Me Be in Love" and a duet with Chesnutt on the playfully anti-pop "A Good Way to Get on My Bad Side." A final album for RCA, Truth About Men, appeared in 2003. Byrd then released Different Things on Blind Mule Records in 2006. An acoustic mix of the album was issued by the label two years later in 2008. ~ Steve Huey
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Tracy Byrd

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Tracy Byrd

  1.   Song
  2.   The Keeper of the Stars
  3.   Watermelon Crawl
  4.   (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got
  5.   I'm from the Country
  6.   Holdin' Heaven
  7.   Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo
  8.   Love Lessons
  9.   Drinkin' Bone
  10.   Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous
  11.   The Truth About Men featuring Andy Griggs
  12.   Big Love
  13.   Walkin' the Line
  14.   Tiny Town
  15.   The First Step
  16.   A Good Way to Get on My Bad Side by Mark Chesnutt
  17.   Someone to Give My Love To
  18.   Tryin' Not to Love You
  19.   Redneck Roses
  20.   Back in the Saddle Again
  21.   That's the Thing About a Memory
  22.   When You Go
  23.   Just Let Me Be in Love
  24.   Somebody's Dream
  25.   I've Got What It Takes
  26.   For Me It's You
  27.   Pink Flamingos
  28.   I Love You, That's All
  29.   Driving Me Out of Your Mind
  30.   Cowgirl
  31.   Out of Control Raging Fire
  32.   Back in the Swing of Things
  33.   How Much Does the World Weigh
  34.   Merry Christmas From Texas Y'All
  35.   A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side by Mark Chesnutt
  36.   Today I Started Loving You Again
  37.   Hot Night in the Country
  38.   A Cowboy and a Dancer
  39.   Johnny Cash
  40.   Baby Put Your Clothes On
  41.   Making Memories of Us
  42.   How'd I Wind Up in Jamaica
  43.   You Feel Good
  44.   Never Gonna Break Again
  45.   Back to Texas
  46.   I Wanna Feel That Way Again
  47.   You Never Know Just How Good You've Got It
  48.   Anybody Else's Heart But Mine
  49.   I Don't Believe That's How You Feel
  50.   Don't Love Make a Diamond Shine
  51.   If I Stay
  52.   Hava a Good One
  53.   Heaven in My Woman's Eyes
  54.   Walking to Jerusalem
  55.   Talk to Me Texas
  56.   Hat Trick
  57.   Take Me with You When You Go
  58.   Why Don't That Telephone Ring
  59.   If You Wanna Get to Heaven
  60.   Somewhere I Wanna Go
  61.   That's What Keeps Her Getting By
  62.   Needed
  63.   Crazy Every Time
  64.   Summertime Fever
  65.   Wildfire
  66.   Pass It On
  67.   Old One Better
  68.   I Still Love the Night Life
  69.   Gettin' Me Over Mountains
  70.   Can't Have One Without the Other
  71.   It's About Time
  72.   Put Your Hand in Mine
  73.   Something to Brag About
  74.   A Little Love
  75.   Proud of Me
  76.   Undo the Right
  77.   Ain't It Just Like a Woman
  78.   Every Time I Do
  79.   No Ordinary Man
  80.   Tucson Too Soon
  81.   Good Ol' Fashioned Love
  82.   Edge of a Memory
  83.   Just One Woman
  84.   The Biggest Thing in Texas
  85.   Saltwater Cowboy
  86.   Better Places Than This
  87.   Love, You Ain't Seen the Last of Me
  88.   Don't Take Her She's All I've Got
  89.   Why
  90.   She Was Smart
  91.   Different Things