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Young MC

Rapper Marvin Young grew up middle-class and earned a degree in economics from USC, where he met Michael Ross and Matt Dike, co-founders of the fledgling Delicious Vinyl rap label. He made his debut as Young MC on the single "I Let 'Em Know." In 1989, Young collaborated with Tone-Loc on "Wild Thing," the first Top Ten pop hit for a black rapper, and the follow-up smash "Funky Cold Medina." Young stepped out on his own later in the year with the Top Ten smash "Bust a Move," a good-natured examination of romantic successes and failures spiced by his sense of humor and quick-tongued rapping. The song won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance, and its strong pop appeal helped the attendant album, Stone Cold Rhymin', go platinum. The follow-up, "Principal's Office," was a humorous, everyday high-school tale resembling a Chuck Berry plot, and also climbed into the Top 40. Following Young's success, he split acrimoniously from Delicious Vinyl, citing restrictions on his work and unwanted tinkering with his album; the label sued him for breach of contract and eventually settled out of court. Young signed with Capitol and released Brainstorm in 1991, expanding into message tracks promoting personal responsibility. The album didn't fare as well, and by 1993, audience tastes had shifted toward harder-edged hip-hop, rendering What's the Flavor? a flop. In late 2000, he returned with Ain't Going Out Like That on the indie label Young Man Moving. It didn't make much of an impression in the rap world, but Young continued to release independent albums, including Engage the Enzyme (2002), Adrenaline Flow (2007), and Relentless (2009), throughout the decade. In 2009, he made an appearance in the Oscar-nominated film Up in the Air. ~ Steve Huey
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Young MC

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Albums by
Young MC

Top Songs by
Young MC

  1.   Song
  2.   Bust a Move
  3.   Principal's Office
  4.   Know How
  5.   Pick Up the Pace
  6.   I Come Off
  7.   Fastest Rhyme
  8.   I Let 'Em Know
  9.   Hit 'em Hard
  10.   Pick up the Pace (1990)
  11.   One Time for Your Mind by Wil Wheaton
  12.   Easier
  13.   After Dark
  14.   That's Right
  15.   Oh!
  16.   Ain't Goin' out Like That
  17.   Got More Rhymes
  18.   Just Say No
  19.   Roll With the Punches
  20.   Rollin'
  21.   Fuel To My Fire
  22.   Latinita Caliente
  23.   Brotherly Love
  24.   Adrenaline Flow
  25.   Hot One
  26.   Don't Get It Twisted
  27.   Used To Be
  28.   The Heart Will Know
  29.   Nocturnal
  30.   Bring It
  31.   I Come Off / Bust a Move
  32.   Know How Theme
  33.   That's the Way Love Goes (Free For All Dub)
  34.   Ain't No Way in the World
  35.   Crucial
  36.   Babe
  37.   Unsigned Diva
  38.   Flows
  39.   Feel the Love
  40.   Heatseeker
  41.   My Name Is Young
  42.   Non Stop
  43.   Bring It Home
  44.   On & Poppin'
  45.   Get Your Boogie On
  46.   Slowest Rhyme
  47.   Freakie
  48.   Stress Test
  49.   Intro
  50.   Without Doubt
  51.   In Case
  52.   Dreamer
  53.   Way of the World
  54.   What It Look Like
  55.   Lingerie
  56.   All On The Line
  57.   All That And A Bag Of Chips
  58.   Do What You Do
  59.   Stone Cold Buggin'
  60.   The Chase Is On

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