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Acoustic Rock

Acoustic Rock
Acoustic gems from the biggest names in rock

Adult Rock

Adult Rock
Rock that's all class, no sass for adults

British Invasion

British Invasion
the British rock invasion of the '60s and '70s

Classic Rock

Classic Rock
Rock's greatest hits, aged to perfection

Classic Hard Rock

Classic rock that really rocks!

Deep Classic Rock

Handpicked deep cuts from the legends of rock

Female Rock

Music from the most influential women of rock

Hair Metal

Classics that reek of spandex, Aqua Net & guitars

Hard Rock

Crank it up with rock's loudest hits

Jam Bands

Eclectic rock that transcends various genres

New Rock First

Discover the latest in rock music

Power Ballads

Progressive Rock

Rock that takes risks and moves outside the lines


Lava lamp listening

Rock Anthems

Fist-pumping rock songs

Rock Instrumentals

Non-vocal rock tracks


Rip-roaring roots style rock n' roll


Singer-songwriters spin their tales

Southern Rock

Southern fried rock, blues, and boogie classics

Surf Rock

Noting but good vibrations

Xtreme Alt Rock

Music straight from the mosh pit

Classic Metal

metal from the '70s to the '90s

New Metal First

Discover the latest in metal music today

Metal Mosh Pit

A killer concoction of old and new metal


Aggressive hardcore punk mixed with violent metal

Power Metal

Epic sound with speedy riffing & catchy melodies

Death Metal

Brutal, hard driving, adrenaline fueled metal

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