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New Metal First

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  2.   Forget Me Currents
  3.   Replaceable CKY
  4.   Waterslide Chon
  5.   Seven Headed Whore Iced Earth
  6.   Roots In This Moment
  7.   Abandon Dayseeker
  8.   No Way Out Twelve Noon
  9.   Stairway to Attic Petyr
  10.   Left for Dead Volumes
  11.   Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862) Iced Earth
  12.   Judas Fozzy
  13.   Under Fire Miss May I
  14.   Cadaverous Wednesday 13
  15.   Shadow Guide Unleash the Archers
  16.   Commitment Secret Sphere
  17.   The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope) Jorn
  18.   End of the Road The Ferrymen
  19.   The Aura Sikth
  20.   Picture Perfect Eighteen Visions
  21.   On Thin Ice Obey the Brave
  22.   Afterlife Mutoid Man
  23.   King of the Ring Adrenaline Mob
  24.   Vultures Dayseeker
  25.   Retrograde Silverstein
  26.   Days of Self Destruction CKY
  27.   Back to Me Of Mice & Men
  28.   Shangaied WhiteNails
  29.   Would You Play with Me Volker
  30.   Her Chosen Hell NY in 64
  31.   Last Day That I Cared The Letter Black
  32.   Antidote Dream Evil
  33.   Last Ride Danzig
  34.   No Grave but the Sea Alestorm
  35.   Golden Cufflinks Sikth
  36.   Slime and Punishment Municipal Waste
  37.   Enjoy Your Slay Ice Nine Kills
  38.   Don't Look at Me Sworn In
  39.   Great Heathen Army Iced Earth
  40.   Hatred and Revenge DragonForce
  41.   Bloom Vespera
  42.   Ashes of the Dawn DragonForce
  43.   Crucified Eighteen Visions
  44.   Return to the Abyss Suffocation
  45.   Let You Down Seether
  46.   Black Magic Inglorious
  47.   Walk Alone Gideon
  48.   TriggerPulse Kobra and the Lotus
  49.   March Brutus
  50.   Louder Harder Faster Warrant
  51.   Shadows Inside Miss May I

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