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The greatest soundtracks from modern video games

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  2.   I'm All Outta Gum/Grabbag (Duke Nukem) Daniel Tidwell
  3.   Punch-out!! (Punch-Out!!) The OneUps
  4.   Super Mario Bros. Theme The OneUps
  5.   Just Like in the Movies Anamanaguchi
  6.   Blood Dragon Theme Powerglove
  7.   Chemical Plant Zone The Greatest Bits
  8.   Guile's Theme [CPS-2]
  9.   Final Fantasy X Theme (To Zanarkand) [From "Final Fantasy X"] Video Game Players
  10.   Ocarina of Time - Fairy Fountain Monsalve
  11.   The Legend of Zelda - Song of Storms (Piano and Strings) Monsalve
  12.   Wind Scene (Yearnings of the Wind) The Greatest Bits
  13.   Piano Theme
  14.   Main Theme Jamie Christopherson
  15.   Eternal Return - Dragon's Dogma Main Theme
  16.   Oh No You Didn't (Mercenaries 2 Anthem) Wojahn Bros
  17.   Snow Flower Akira Yamaoka
  18.   Evil Appetite Akira Yamaoka
  19.   Sadness Will Continue stanton shows
  20.   Magdelene Tears of...Laura's Theme Akira Yamaoka
  21.   Love For My Insane Lover Akira Yamaoka
  22.   To One with Life Yuko Komiyama
  23.   Dark Daybreak Yasunori Mitsuda
  24.   Last Battle Yasunori Mitsuda
  25.   Theme of Crisis Core 'Dreams and Pride'
  26.   A New Game (Music from Madden 2006)
  27.   Hikari Utada
  28.   Passion Utada
  29.   115 Treyarch Sound
  30.   Gun Battle Trevor Morris
  31.   Final Fantasy Solo Piano Medley Tommy Tallarico
  32.   Castlevania Rock Overture Tommy Tallarico
  33.   Super Mario Bros. Theme The Vignola Collective
  34.   Out of Darkness (Prologue) Tetsuya Shibata
  35.   Triumphant Song Tadayoshi Makino
  36.   Frenzy Steve Jablonsky
  37.   The World Tree Steve Henifin
  38.   Halo Wars, video game music~Spirit of Fire
  39.   The Battle for Thornvik Simon Ravn
  40.   Main Title Shusaku Uchiyama
  41.   Stage Shoji Meguro
  42.   Chrono Trigger SEXY-SYNTHESIZER
  43.   Pentagon Sean Murray
  44.   Bowerstone Market Russell Shaw
  45.   Reliquary Russell Shaw
  46.   Mountains of Thunder Russell Brower
  47.   Opening: Bombing Mission Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
  48.   Final Fantasy Pia-no-jac
  49.   Final Fantasy Pe'z
  50.   Kameo: Elements of Power, video game music~Thorn's Arrival Steve Burke
  51.   River Extraction (Lab Escape) David Clynick

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